Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.
 - Albert Einstein

Dr. M. Bartel teacher and lecture of art education recognised, that most of us as parents believe as creativity can't be taught. We think that child either have it or they don't. The problem is that until five year olds children are totally confident that they can draw, sing, and dance. However later children will experience a crisis of confidence. Their will no longer feel competent or creative, because children become socialized and aware of their own limitations. This time is important to give a child a chance to understand that mistakes are great way to learn and practise will boost confidence in inner-self. These art courses are created to help children to build their confidence in imagination and creativity to get the balance of right and left brain development. Both courses created with special exercises to help child's creativity, there will be no coping great artist work, no examples shown at the begging of the lesson.

Creativity builds 

  • Confidence in inner-self
  • Self-esteem 
  • Problem solving on their own
  • Observation
  • Imagination
  • Concentration


Since I was a little girl I remember myself drawing and painting or doing some craft. So I graduated Kaunas Ausra Gymnasium with art specialty. Later I had a chance to study at the  greatest Lithuanian artists in their  studios and to know more about academic drawing and painting. One year I had studied at Lithuanian Art Academy, however some circumstances had led me to leave Lithuania and I had continued my art studies in the United States, where I had got my degree in Graphic design and Visual Communication (BA). I had been working as a graphic designer for over seven years. Then I stopped my carrier, because I wanted to be more with my children. My son had sparked a love of teaching and I had taken the opportunity to work at summer art camps for children. Then I moved to London and worked on some art projects, but love to be around children had led me to Montessori teaching. Now I finished Early Childhood Course in Montessori's methodology and would love to share my art knowledge with children. I believe that guiding by art children's creativity and their eagerness to know more could help to discover and inspire their life learning journey. 
For more information about my work as an artist you can visit my blog http://magicartfactory.blogspot.co.uk
Also my work as graphic designer 


I am finish Accountancy and finances, but after the birth of my children I devote my love for children education, that leads me to change my career.  Now nearly 8 years of studies and work around the children I would like to give back to our community. 
2016  present Mindfulness for children 
2014-2015  CYPW Diploma Level 3
2013-14 Understanding Community Interpreting  Ascentis Level1
2012-2013  Award in Principles of Customer Service and Award in Behaviours Attitudes and Attributes Required for Employment  Skills First Level 1
2011-2012 Book-Keeping and Accounts City and Guilds Level 1 Level 2
2010-2011 City and Guilds Level2 NVQ  in Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools
2010-2011   City and Guilds  Level2 NVQ in Children’s Care, Learning and Development
2010 City and Guilds Level2 Certificate in Adult Literacy
2009-2010 London South Bank University - Helping my Child with Reading and Writing. Making and using Story Sacks for Family
2007-2008 London South Bank University – Best Start for Toddlers
1999 – 2003 Buivydiskiu University – Diploma in Book keeping Economics and business management
1987  – 1998  Vilnius  63 High School

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